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Unboxing: Council of Verona (Crash Games)

This is a bit of strange first upload for a book shop. We kind of wanted it out fast because of Crash Games Kickstarter ending quite soon.

This is our first unboxing video, and today we are unboxing Council of Verona, a 2-5 player game for people 13+ in the world (not atmosphere) of Romeo and Juliet.

It’s a fun little mini game with some amazing production value. Definitely check this out and consider getting it. We are absolutely obsessed with this game.

Which brings us back to the timing. The Kickstarter for Crash Games is ending soon, and they truly need everyones help. We were touched by their story and we wanted to make an unboxing to help. We just happen to get this game and we decided this could be it.

Check out Crash Games Kickstarter here:

If you liked our video, please give it a like and share it with everyone you know. Also play with the poison expansion. It makes this game a million times better (even though it’s quite great).

We may do a review of the game a little later, but for now we are sticking with unboxings that we have. Do subscribe to our channel and our blog to get our content!

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Welcome to our Blog!


Our book shop started not too long ago, and, with the support of all of you, has been expanding really fast. It was only time for us to finally get a blog.

Here you’ll find updates and features from our shop. This allows us to let you know what’s happening in TheClearlyIlliterateBookShop, and also allows us to hear from you! We are really excited for what’s in store (pun intended).

But that’s not all.

Our shop was designed for two things: to give people books without breaking the bank, and to create a community filled with people who enjoy the same thing. The second bit is where our blog comes in.

You’ll also find book reviews, board game videos, submissions from other people, and so much more! We really want everyone to collaborate here, and we are excited to see what you all think.

It may seem strange for a book shop to do this, so picture this: you’re in a book shop where you hear the chatter of people, some of whom are talking about a myriad of things and others maybe playing a little table top game. It’s more than just a shop; it’s a home.

That’s where you are.