TheClearlyIlliterateBookShop is a online used book store. We love everything books, whether it’s novels or history books. We love all books of all kind. And, most importantly, we love books that don’t break the bank.

Our blog works slightly different. Here you’ll find updates, promotions and book features, but you’ll also find reviews and many other great things! The reason why is because we want our shop to be more of a community than a place to buy great books. We want this to be an avenue for conversation on our favourite things. Just imagine this is a physical shop and the books are what we sell. The blog is where we talk.

Our names are Mateen and Salwa, and we absolutely love books. We enjoy looking at them, buying them, and learning about them. That’s kind of why we started a book store. Used books have this kind of thing to them that make them special. It could be the fact that they’ve been used and loved by other people, with markings and names and damages. That’s what makes them unique.

We want to share all of this with you, and we love hearing from our customers. We strive to make sure that you enjoy your visit and you’ll want to come back. We love people and stories. Oh, and we love to read.

So make sure you stop by and check out our collection. We are also available to talk, so please feel free to drop us a message at any time with any questions or comments.

Contact us below or email us at order@theclearlyilliteratebookshop.com